Debit Finance Collections

With a history dating back to 1975, DFC have decades of specialist experience in collecting Direct Debit payments for thousands of clients across the UK. Through end-to-end collection management and a commitment to the latest technology, we maximise income and reduce the strain on in-house administration resources, leaving clients free to concentrate on their core business.

We are fully aware that every client has their own individual needs. When you outsource your Direct Debit collections to DFC, we provide a tailor-made solution encompassing all the key processes.

Our highly-skilled team and innovative solutions allow us to efficiently work with organisations of all sizes including many local authorities, trusts and independent operators. The systems dovetail seamlessly with existing in-house systems and structures.

Fully Managed Direct Debit Service

DFC provides a fully managed specialist service, collecting direct debit payments from our client’s customers through traditional paper-based methods or through our online Direct Debit portal FAST DD, using your own Service User Number (SUN) or ours.


  • Consumer Credit Regulated or non-regulated membership agreements available
  • End-to-end procedure handled entirely in house ensuring first class customer care and no hidden costs.
  • Online Direct Debit setup using FASTDD enabling facility to go paperless and to sign members up 24/7
  • UK based customer payment line designated to answer queries and take failed customer payments via credit / debit card.
  • Online MyPayments portal accessible by customers to rectify failed Direct Debit payments
  • Increase in income due to our proven high collection rates
  • Flexible payment dates for customers
  • Innovative 24-hour editable data retrieval service, keeping you up to date with your customers payments.
  • Reduce administration allowing key staff to concentrate on your core business
  • Competitive pricing policy.
  • Monies transferred quickly & reliably into your specified bank account

FASTDD: Online Direct Debit Portal

The secure, flexible & effective way for your members to make regular DD payments via your website. 


  • 24-hour sales aid used to increase monthly Direct Debits
  • An enhanced service from that of traditional Direct Debit setup
  • Automatic bank account verification
  • Postcode identification
  • Pro rata and joining fee payments taken and calculated
  • Promotional code function to compliment marketing offers and incentives
  • Easy customer navigation and short process ensuring no sales are lost
  • Can be used face to face with member or at home
  • Allows your company to meet your customers’ expectations as to what they should be able to do via your website.

For more information on any of our services and how we can work with you to ensure maximum profitability and efficiency from your Monthly Direct Debit paying members please contact us on:

Contact: Ivan Stevenson – Director

Tel: 07770 816969 / 01908 422000


Address: 16 Davy Avenue Milton Keynes MK5 8PL