Charitable Trusts Peer Network for Arts in Wales

Description – The next meeting of the Charitable Trusts Peer Network for the Arts in Wales (CTPNA) will be held on Wednesday, 28 September.

During this meeting, the group will specifically focus on the Arts Council of Wales’ ongoing consultation on the investment review. We will review the funding priorities from the perspective of charities and social enterprises managing arts and culture.

Background – This group was set up thanks to funding from the Arts Council of Wales through the Sharing Together programme and was established in 2020.

This is an organised, informal network that shares best practices, works collaboratively, supports one another, and engages partners to raise awareness of the wider benefits of artistic and cultural activity in Wales. 

This network is open to all independent charities and social enterprises managing arts services and facilities, including, but not limited to, theatres, performance venues, and participatory arts activities organised from these and other multi-purpose venues across Wales.

Date – Wednesday 28 September 

Time – 10am

Event Type – Virtual/Open to All 

Register – If you are interested in joining this network, please get in touch with Jennifer, Head of Policy and Strategic Partnerships at Community Leisure UK – [email protected] 


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