Climate Awareness and Action Workshops

Community Leisure UK is delighted to be working with the Carbon Trust to bring Climate Awareness and Action Training to all leisure and culture trusts. 

Best of all, they’re FREE if you work for one of our members. Simply register for one, or all, the workshops you want to attend on the links below.

Non-member organisations working in the sport, culture, physical activity and wellbeing sector are also able to attend but there will be a fee. Non-members can view prices and book here.

These are online and interactive workshops covering the following topics:

Workshop 1: Carbon Footprinting Fundamentals During a Climate Emergency

Description – This session aims to help you to understand the progress being made so far to tackle climate change and the necessity to achieve global warming of no greater than 1.5oC. We will cover what a pathway to net zero might look like, breaking down each task and element. You will be able to benchmark your progress along this journey with other participants, enabling you to get a better understanding of how you perform against similar organisations. You will understand why carbon footprinting matters and have insights into potential policy developments for mandatory disclosures. We will provide you with the technical information and confidence to calculate your emissions across all three emission scopes, with worked examples from similar organisations.

Date – Thursday 29 September

Time – 2pm until 4pm.

Type of Event – Virtual

Registration – You can register for these workshops at 

Workshop 2: Practical Guidance to Saving Energy in Leisure and Cultural Facilities

Description – This session aims to provide you with practical guidance and support to implement energy-saving measures across both leisure and cultural facilities. You will get an understanding of the typical composition of energy usage in a range of buildings and the broad range of different interventions which might improve efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. We will provide average paybacks for a variety of different interventions with typical costs. We will provide information on the funding opportunities across England, Wales and Scotland with eligibility criteria; we will also explore potential finance options for those not eligible for grant funding. You will gain an understanding of how similar organisations have reduced their Scope 1 & 2 emissions with a variety of case studies and best practice resources across the leisure and cultural sectors.

Date – Monday 10 October

Time – 3pm until 4:30pm

Type of Event – Virtual

Registration – You can register for these workshops at 

Workshop 3: Tackling Scope 3 Emissions and Promoting the Sustainability Agenda

Description – This session aims to provide you with a good understanding of how to quantify and mitigate emissions across Scope 3 sources. You will gain insight into the importance of tackling emissions associated with Scope 3 and how it can promote wider sustainability change to your employees, community, and wider supply chain. We will detail how to quantify your main emission sources and give an understanding of how to improve the accuracy of reporting. Interventions across all Scope 3 sources will be discussed, we will use case studies to provide the challenges and successes proven in real-world applications. All attendees will be provided with a variety of best practice resources for Scope 3 emissions.

Date – Thursday 20 October

Time – 2pm until 3:30pm

Type of Event – Virtual

Registration – You can register for these workshops at 


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