EDI Workshop: A Leisure Centre for Everyone

Delivered by Sport England’s Club Matters team

All the data shows us that stubborn inequalities exist in sport, and certain groups of
people face more barriers than others to participate.
We know that the huge disruption of 2020 has further reinforced or exacerbated these
inequalities, particularly for people with disabilities or long-term health conditions,
people from lower socio-economic groups and people from ethnically diverse
This workshop is a great starting point and we hope it helps colleagues to take away
actions that will help them to become more welcoming, friendly, accessible and
inclusive which will benefit everyone. This approach not only helps groups of people
who find it hard to engage with leisure centres, but also helps operators generally to
attract and retain more participants and volunteers.

These online workshops are for CLUK members and invited partners only. To book please contact [email protected]

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