EDI Workshop: Women and Girls in Leisure

Delivered by Women in Sport, Observatory for Sport in Scotland, and ukactive

This workshop will cover the barriers experienced by women and girls when
participating in leisure, both from a workforce and participant perspective, and touch on
solutions to overcome these.

Women in Sport will share their insight on barriers for women to participate in the leisure
workforce, as well as in leisure and physical activity as a participant, with a specific focus
on women in menopause.
The Observatory for Sport in Scotland will then highlight the results from their latest
research on women in leadership positions in sport. Scottish sport has been on a path of
improvement in tackling the gender gap in many areas of governance and delivery, but
perceptions of significant change appear not to be matched by the reality; policy
commitment not replicated in practice. At the current pace of change it would take
almost 25 years to achieve gender equality in leadership roles across Scottish sport.
Building on this, ukactive will present their new guidebook that aims to support leisureand sport organisations in making sport and physical activity safer and more accessible
for women. ukactive in partnership Sport England earlier this year (April-May 21) jointly
commissioned some new research to understand more about the motivations, barriers
and anxieties that come into play when women consider attending their local fitness or
leisure centre. Using the research findings, they have developed a practical guide with
tangible solutions to support the sector in engaging the audience of women and girls.
The session ends with a panel discussion between the three speakers, and the
opportunity for participants to ask questions and share their own experience and

These online workshops are for CLUK members and invited partners only. To book please contact [email protected]

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