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Published on: May 5th 2021
Last updated on September 12th 2023

Based on our members input and current challenges and opportunities within the public leisure and culture sectors, we create sector Landscape briefings and responses to policy consultations not covered under our work on procurementhealth & wellbeingleisure development, and/or cultural development.

On this page you will find information on:

Scotland and Wales Manifestos 2021

Ahead of the Senedd and Scottish Parliament elections, we created Manifestos that reflect the priorities of charitable trusts in Wales and Scotland.

Please find our Manifesto to ensure effective and resilient public leisure and culture services for communities in Scotland here.

Please find our Manifesto for a Healthy and Resilient Wales here (a Welsh version can be found here).

Comprehensive Spending Review Submissions



Our Future Wales

We were delighted to contribute to the conversation of the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales on the upcoming Our Future Wales report. Together with members, we reflected on trusts’ contribution to the Well-Being Goals and shared our views on current and future challenges that we feel need addressing. Our submission can be read here.

Low Pay Commission

We have provided briefings to the Low Pay Commission to advise on the impact of the changes in the National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage.

We have also given oral evidence to the Low Pay Commission, represented by our (co-)Chairs of our HR Special Interest Group, our CEO and the Director of Policy and Communications from Charity Finance Group.

Archive: Letters/Responses/Contributions to Policy/Government

Here you can find letters, responses and contributions we’ve submitted to policy makers and government.

12 September 2023 – We’ve joined a collective of 32 organisations in Wales calling for a National Conversation on the Future of Health & Wellbeing.

23 February 2023 – Coalition Letter to Prime Minister – Energy Bills Crisis

30 January 2023 – Response to Local Government Revenue and Capital Settlements for 2023/24 – Energy Bills Crisis

11 January 2023 – Letter to RH Jeremy Hunt – Energy Bills Relief Scheme

16 December 2022 – Letter to the Treasury – Cost of Living/Energy Crisis

23 September 2022: Response to Energy Bill Relief Scheme to DCMS – Cost of Living/Energy Crises

15 September 2022: Inquiry into Increasing Costs Wales – Cost of Living/Energy Crises

26 July 2022: Public Leisure in Wales at Risk – Cost of Living/Energy Crisis

30 June 2022: Letter to Welsh Government – Cost of Living/Energy Crisis

30 May 2022: Letter to Secretaries of State – Cost of Living/Energy Crisis

7 April 2021: National Leisure Recovery Fund Briefing – Covid-19

25 March 2021: Letter from WSA, CIMPSA, Community Leisure UK and UK Active to Welsh Ministers – Covid-19

1 March 2021: Letter to the Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism by Community Leisure UK – Covid-19

14 January 2021: Joint letter from social enterprise bodies to John Glen, MP and Economic Secretary to the Treasury – Covid-19

21 December 2020: Joint Letter from Theatre APPG: The Impact of COVID-19 on the UK’s Theatre Industry – Covid-19

16 December 2020: Evidence Given to the House of Lords on the National Plan for Sport and Recreation Committee (England) – Covid-19

This video can also be viewed on the ParliamentLive website here.

29 October 2020: Community Leisure UK (Wales) letter to the Welsh Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism – Covid-19

14 October 2020: Community Leisure UK Chair writes to the Prime Minister – Covid-19

2 July 2020: Letters to Rebbeca Evans, Minister of Finance (Welsh Government) with partners to request additional Council funding to be used to support culture and leisure – Covid-19

19 June 2020: Community Leisure UK (Wales) submission to the Inquiry on the impact of Covid-19 on Wales’ culture and sport sectors – Covid-19

June 2020: Community Leisure Scotland submission to the Inquiry on the impact of Covid-19 on Scotland’s culture and tourism sectors – Covid-19

9 June 2020: Letter to the Secretary of State on the future of swimming pools – Covid-19

5 June 2020: WLGA guidance – options for councils to support their leisure and culture partners through Covid-19

May 2020: Community Leisure UK submission to the DCMS Inquiry on the impact of Covid-19 – published 5 June Select Committee Inquiry page – Covid-19

22 May 2020: Community Leisure UK, Wales update – Covid-19

19 May 2020: Letter to the Chancellor regarding the urgent position of leisure and culture trusts. Correlating letters sent to the Secretary of State for DCMS, and Secretary of State for MHCLG – Covid-19

24 April 2020: Briefing papers for Scotland, Wales and England on the current (financial) position of leisure and culture trusts – Covid-19

21 April 2020: Letter to the Chancellor by Community Leisure UK – Covid-19

8 April 2020: Press Release by Community Leisure UK on the urgency of funding reliefs – Covid-19

7 April 2020: Letter to the Welsh Government, Sport Wales, Arts Council of Wales, and the Welsh Local Government Association by Community Leisure UK – Covid-19

27 March 2020: Letter to the Welsh Minister for Economy and Transport by Welsh Sport Assocation, ukactive, CIMSPA and Community Leisure UK – Covid-19

25 March 2020: Letter to the Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Finance by Community Leisure UK – Covid-19

23 March 2020: Submission to the Treasury Inquiry on the Economic Impact of Coronavirus – Covid-19

19 March 2020: Letter to the First Minister of Wales by Creu Cymru and Community Leisure UK – Covid-19

18 March 2020: Letter to the Chancellor by ukactive, CIMSPA and Community Leisure UK – Covid-19

14 October 2019: Consultation on the future definition of public service mutuals – Procurement

26 June 2019: Response to the Arts Council of Wales’ consultation on future arrangements for National Lottery funding for the arts – Funding