Climate Change

Published on: May 5th 2021

Community Leisure UK takes the climate change emergency very seriously. We are currently reviewing our role and position within the sector, and are developing action points on how we can support the public leisure and culture sector to become more environmentally friendly.

Projects and Networks

Climate Change & Physical Activity Working Group

Community Leisure UK is part of a working group in England that is developing policy asks that will support the public leisure sector to become more environmentally friendly. These policy asks will be presented to the UK Government ahead of COP26.


Theatre Green Book

Community Leisure UK is pleased to support the Theatre Green Book. The project, spearheaded by ABTT, Buro Happold and Theatres Trust and coordinated by Paddy Dillon, builds upon the work of Julie’s Bicycle, Creative Carbon Scotland, SiPA, Ecostage and others.

The Theatre Green Book initiative pulls together existing guidance and creates a shared standard for environmentally responsible theatre across three volumes:

  • Sustainable Productions
  • Sustainable Buildings
  • Sustainable Operations

For more information on the Theatre Green Book, please see Theatres Trust’s introduction here.

Sustainable Productions is available now in a beta version for trialling and can be found here Theatre makers on all scales and contexts are invited to register their interest in trialling and feeding back on the document. We encourage theatre-makers to start working with it as they plan re-opening shows, and feed back their experience. You can also sign up to one of the upcoming free introductory webinars.

Work is now also starting on developing Sustainable Buildings and with an extended deadline to Friday 23rd April for theatre owners and operators to complete the Green Book – Theatre Buildings – Survey. This information will help us understand the current status and future priorities for making theatre buildings more sustainable.