Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Published on: May 5th 2021

Community Leisure UK is committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion and condemns discrimination and racism in all forms. We recognise the presence of systemic inequality, discrimination and racism within our society and understand the role and platform we have to acknowledge, address and take action against it as part of our work as a representative body within the public leisure and culture sectors.

Following initial consultation with the membership, Community Leisure UK has identified three objectives for our EDI work in 2021/22:

  • Encouraging workforce diversification and access/equal opportunities within public leisure and culture
  • Identifying and addressing barriers to engagement in public leisure and culture
  • Supporting the development of ED&I Strategies by public leisure and culture providers

We have incorporated these key objectives into an action plan for the organisation, in support of members, and in collaboration with other partners.

EDI Workshops

As part of our EDI Action Plan 2021-22, we committed to starting a series of virtual conversations in autumn 2021, bringing together members and partners to discuss participation barriers to public leisure and culture. We also set out to discuss workforce diversification and EDI policies for leisure- and culture organisations. The below workshop schedule for members aims to deliver on these commitments, and provide input for further EDI work in 2022.