Health & Wellbeing

Published on: May 5th 2021

Community Leisure UK members actively contribute to improving the health and wellbeing of the communities they work with. Community Leisure UK actively promotes the health and wellbeing work of charitable trusts and supports its members through projects, guidance and collaboration with partners on their cultural work.

National Strategies

Policy Briefing: How trusts’ sport and leisure activities improve communities’ wellbeing

Our members, charitable leisure and culture trusts, continually strive to offer a safe and welcoming space, with a range of activities and professional advice on hand. As community anchors, regardless of their location or size, member trusts share a common goal of being accessible to everyone and providing opportunities to encourage everyone to be active and involved, whatever their circumstances. Please have a look at our views on how trusts improve communities’ health and wellbeing through various inclusive sports and leisure activities here.

Policy Briefing: How trusts’ cultural work improves communities’ wellbeing

With the increase in reports and news articles coming out that arts and cultural activities are good for your wellbeing, it is time to shed a light on what cultural trusts in particular are doing to improve communities’ wellbeing. While of course there are many examples, we brought together some innovative ways in which our members are organising their arts and cultural activities – from museums, to festivals, and social prescribing. We invite you take a look at our views on the health and wellbeing impacts of trusts’ cultural work here.

Policy Briefing: Creating Healthier Communities Through Social Enterprises

In collaboration with Social Enterprise UK we submitted a policy briefing to the February 2020 edition of House Magazine. It is crucial that social enterprises within public leisure and culture are recognised as significant partners in creating healthier communities; including them in our health systems is key. Our briefing can be viewed here.


Sporta Purple

In 2014, back when we were called Sporta, we developed a comprehensive guide which gave insight into what members do to contribute to the public’s health. The guide was called Sporta Purple and be viewed here. Community Leisure UK is currently updating this guide.