How trusts’ sport and leisure activities improve communities’ wellbeing

Published on: January 20th 2020

The arrival of a new year, and indeed a new decade, will undoubtedly spark thoughts of healthy living and ambition to improve their wellbeing for many people across the country. Each new year sees a wealth of resolutions to lead a healthier life. Yet, for some people within our communities, there are seemingly insurmountable barriers to even thinking of health improvement or taking part in a new activity. Health inequalities, stemming from a range of factors, impact people from every background across the country.

Our members, charitable leisure and culture trusts, continually strive to offer a safe and welcoming space, with a range of activities and professional advice on hand. As community anchors, regardless of their location or size, member trusts share a common goal of being accessible to everyone and providing opportunities to encourage everyone to be active and involved, whatever their circumstances.

Please have a look at our views on how trusts improve communities’ health and wellbeing through various inclusive sports and leisure activities – download it here.