Special Interest Groups 

Published on: April 16th 2024
Last updated on July 9th 2024

We run a number of thematic networking groups (Special Interest Groups) for our members. These groups are led by and for members, with each group having their own (co-)Chair elected from the membership and members being actively involved in setting agendas for meetings. 

Most groups meet at least biannually, with others meeting on a quarterly basis. Special Interest Groups also work together with some of Community Leisure UK partners where external colleagues come in to provide updates on developments in the public leisure and culture landscape and/or to learn from trust colleagues and what is happening ‘on the ground’. 

Special Interest Groups help establish better relationships, enable networking and information exchange. Members with shared interests meet regularly to discuss issues, ideas, trends, and thoughts on many areas of Charitable Trusts including HR, Sales & Finance. If you work for one of our member organisations in a specialist area and want to get involved, everybody is welcome. 

Our Special Interest Groups include: 

  • Volunteering
  • HR
  • Finance
  • Sales and Retention
  • Social Value
  • Volunteering
  • Culture
  • Environment & Sustainability
  • Sustainable Buildings (working group of Environment & Sustainability)
  • Safeguarding  
  • Swimming & Aquatics
  • Chairs & Trustees  
  • Health (individual groups for England, Wales and Scotland) 

i-Trent User Group 

As a sub-group within our HR network, HR managers using the i-Trent software come together to discuss its usage and development. The group also engages with MHR to get the latest insights and support on the software’s uses. 

Single Sites Group 

We provide an active peer support network for the single site operators within our membership. The group meets on a quarterly basis and supports each other on running effective independent sites. Single sites within the Community Leisure UK membership are independent non-profit operators who operate without a Council contract and manage no more than two community facilities. 

HR Survey 

Through the HR Special Interest Group, Community Leisure UK members run an annual HR survey which provides a baseline for HR professionals in the public leisure and culture sector on HR systems, staff benefits, the gender pay gap, and salaries for the most common roles within our sector. 

Annual Swimming & Aquatics Conference 

Community Leisure UK in collaboration with Swim England and Swim Wales organise an annual Swimming & Aquatics Conference for professionals in the swimming and aquatics sector. The Swimming & Aquatics Conference brings together national partners in the swimming and aquatics sector for the benefit of our members.