About Us

Welcome to Community Leisure UK

Community Leisure UK is the members’ association that specialises in representing charitable leisure and culture trusts across England, Scotland and Wales.

There are two core strands to Community Leisure UK’s work:

  • Firstly, providing a nationwide platform enabling members to meet peers and access strategic partners to find best practice solutions to common problems and recommendations to tackle future industry developments, and
  • Secondly, using the power of the collective membership to represent, reach, influence and promote the charitable trust model benefits at a national level, to inform policy and increase understanding of both the trust model and the role of public leisure and culture.

A nationwide platform for members to meet peers


All members are leisure and culture trusts, which are either registered charities or registered charitable societies. Trusts do not distribute profit and instead reinvest every pound generated into the provision of quality leisure and culture services and facilities. Trusts are rooted in the local communities they serve, with specific services designed and supported through the cross-subsidy model to support those in most need.

Community Leisure UK members’ manage facilities including: swimming pools, libraries, museums, pitches, gyms, ice arenas, beach fronts, parks, heritage buildings and children’s centres. Importantly, members deliver vital community services such as exercise or books on prescription, short breaks for disabled children, adult social care support programmes, walking programmes, internet access courses, apprenticeships and training, and sports participation programmes.

As a members’ association, Community Leisure UK is responsible to its members and an appointed Board.  The Board is made up of member trust CEOs or MDs, who are democratically appointed by the membership.

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Our Impact

The Community Leisure UK impact map demonstrates our intended social impact and outcomes.

Our map presents the beneficiaries and stakeholders being impact by Community Leisure UK’s work. The map then describes our unique approach and activities to derive the intended outcomes for those beneficiaries and stakeholders.

Importantly our impact map is framed by our organisational values, mission and vision.





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