How To Join

Join Community Leisure UK today

It could not be easier to join the leisure and culture trust community. Simply fill out the online form and we’ll be in touch shortly.

We welcome fully operational and legally constituted organisations to become Full Members.

Equally we welcome membership from organisations e.g. local authorities who wish to find out more about the trust model, and from organisations who are not yet fully constituted as a trust and would welcome support and guidance. In this instance members would be Associate Members.


If you have any questions before filling in the online form please email

[email protected]

The cost of membership of Community Leisure UK is based on the turnover band of the applicant organisation.
Under £500k£400
£500k – £1m£500
£1m – £2m£900
£2m – £5m£1600
£5m – £10m£2000
£10m – £15m£2650
£15m – 20m£2750
£20m – £30m£2900
£30m – £40m£3000
£40m – £50m£3300
£50m – £75m£3700
£75m – £100m£4500
Over £100m£5000
Associate Fee£500

Thank you for considering membership of Community Leisure UK – please contact us if you require further information.