Why & How To Join

Benefits of Joining Community Leisure UK

  • Access to networks of peer to peer ‘Special Interest Groups’ including finance, HR, public health / health improvement, swimming and aquatics, safeguarding, single-sites, Chairs & Trustees
  • Engagement at General Meetings and an AGM with agendas based on member needs and the landscape
  • A regional network of meetings to enable trust networking and knowledge sharing
  • Collective consultation responses to government, policy and reviews, framed specifically to the needs of leisure trusts
  • Campaigning and lobbying on policy positions that are detrimental to the leisure trust landscape
  • Being part of the charitable services community through Community Leisure UK’s network of strategic partners
  • Having opportunities to engage in bespoke workshops, webinars or training based on trust needs e.g. VAT reviews, use of data, local authority procurement and contracts

Please take a look at the value of membership infographic which describes the association’s work to support members.

There are two categories of membership:

Full Member

i.e. for legally constituted non-profit-distributing organisations in public leisure
and / or culture.

You will need to submit your governing document.

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Associate Member

i.e. for local authorities where the trust model is being considered or where forming a trust is underway but not yet constituted or delivering.

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Join Community Leisure UK today

It could not be easier to join the leisure and culture trust community. Simply fill out the online form and we’ll be in touch shortly.

We welcome fully operational and legally constituted organisations to become Full Members.

Equally we welcome membership from organisations e.g. local authorities who wish to find out more about the trust model, and from organisations who are not yet fully constituted as a trust and would welcome support and guidance. In this instance members would be Associate Members.


If you have any questions before filling in the online form please email

[email protected]

The cost of membership of Community Leisure UK is based on the turnover band of the applicant organisation.
Under £500k£420
£500k – £1m£525
£1m – £2m£945
£2m – £5m£1680
£5m – £10m£2100
£10m – £15m£2782
£15m – 20m£2887
£20m – £30m£3045
£30m – £40m£3150
£40m – £50m£3465
£50m – £75m£3885
£75m – £100m£4725
Over £100m£5250
Associate Fee£525

Thank you for considering membership of Community Leisure UK – please contact us if you require further information.

Community Leisure UK is a member-led association that uses the power of its collective membership to represent, promote and protect the trust model at a national level.

An association that actively reaches out to the leisure and cultural sector, large and small, strengthening the collective voice

Member Trust

Equally as specialists in charities and charitable organisations delivering public leisure services, Community Leisure UK provides an instant network of like-minded peers

It is more of a ‘movement’ which brings together like minded people and organisations who are more than profit and who really want to involve and give back to local communities

Member Trust

The integrity and transparency of the Community Leisure UK membership is protected through the Charter of Integrity

Community Leisure UK would be delighted to talk with you about the collective of trusts and the value of membership.

Please contact us at: [email protected] 

or telephone 020 7250 8263

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