Forming A Trust

Community Leisure UK are keen to support local authorities and decision makers when discussing and reviewing their public leisure and culture services.

Equally the association and our members, can support community groups and staff groups if considering or establishing a trust.

Uniquely the association has a birds-eye perspective across the UK and is experienced in the leisure service contracting and delivery landscape. Also, the association can share contacts and peer-support organisations that can help the potential formation of a charitable trust including lawyers, accountants and financial advice.

Community Leisure UK advocates a balance between effective place-based delivery, and efficient, affordable delivery. Importantly the association believes profit should not be taken out of public services. Instead, like the trust model, profits should be reinvested into the local services and facilities.

Community Leisure UK care about public leisure and culture services and firmly believe that trusts – charities and social enterprises – are an effective model of community and place-based delivery.

Please do make contact with Community Leisure UK via [email protected].