Circadian Trust turning its Active Lifestyle Centres ‘green’ with Major Solar Panel Programme 

Published on: June 10th 2024

New solar panels generating more than 360,000 kilowat hours (kWh) of clean energy and saving 75 tonnes of carbon a year have been installed at Bradley Stoke Active Lifestyle Centre in South Gloucestershire. 

The panels cover 1,875m2 of the leisure centre’s roof on Fiddler’s Wood Lane and in summer, will convert enough daylight/sunlight into electrical energy to power the entire 7,000m2 site. 

This includes electricity for the swimming pool, all the exercise machines, pumps and lighting for the centre, without needing any power from the grid. 

The £390,000 investment is shared between Circadian Trust, the charity that runs the centres, and South Gloucestershire Council, which owns the site.   

Next, Circadian Trust is investing in a similar programme at Yate. Ineco Energy will continue to lead the project, rolling out clean energy systems across two more sites by September 2024.  

The programme plays a key part in Circadian Trust’s commitment to become carbon neutral. 

Ian Jones, Circadian Trust Director of Building and Environment, said: “These PVs are a game changer. They’ve been live at Bradley Stoke since January this year and, with the lighter days, we are already seeing a huge difference, with up to £5K a month in energy savings. 

“Since 2005, we have had a continuous improvement programme to reduce our carbon footprint. Various initiatives such as LED lighting, new swimming pool covers, and BMS Building Management Systems have made a big difference to both our energy consumption and costs. 

“We believe that for us to help our community stay truly healthy, we must also ensure the buildings are in the very best of fitness too. This means reducing waste and pollution and ensuring we can re-invest to keep the facilities in tip top condition.” 

The photovoltaic system, or PV for short, has been designed, installed, and will be maintained by one of the UK’s leading sustainable energy companies and solar panel specialists, Ineco Energy.  

Experts in their field, Ineco Energy guides businesses in their clean energy transition, providing the best energy technology that prioritises self-sufficiency, economic responsibility, and environmental sustainability.  

Ineco Energy was appointed after a competitive tender process and worked with the Circadian and SGC teams from the early concept and design stages to ensure all aspects of the PV system delivered the optimum benefits for the centre. 

The programme was delivered on budget and on time. 

Ineco Energy Director, Adam Peat, said: “Circadian and South Gloucestershire Council’s commitment to invest in  PV across their leisure portfolio demonstrates their serious approach to healthy people, buildings and communities while also supporting their wider 2030 carbon neutral ambitions. 

“We have been delighted to be part of this partnership approach to deliver carbon reduction through clean energy and the reinvestment of the financial savings back into the local community.   

“Circadian is showing how PV can really help to make a difference to the leisure industry across the UK in their drive to enhance customer experience, deliver a more sustainable operation and reduce their operating costs.”  

Circadian Trust has a new environmental strategy engaging staff and technology to improve its carbon footprint and become more sustainable.  Circadian Trust has also maintained its ISO 14001 Energy and Environmental Management accreditation since 2014.