Creu Cymru and Community Leisure UK Formalise Partnership After Strong Collaboration in the Past 18 Months

Published on: November 3rd 2021

Creu Cymru, the representative alliance for the performing arts in Wales, and Community Leisure UK announced today [November 3rd] that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding after close partnership working over the past 18 months.

The formalisation of their partnership comes at a critical time for the arts sector in Wales where Covid passes are introduced to the sector and Covid cases have peaked once more. This new partnership will see Creu Cymru and Community Leisure K collaborating for the benefit of the arts and culture sector in Wales.

Their immediate focus is on developing best practice regarding the sustainable operations of arts- and culture, promoting the health and well-being benefits of arts and cultural activity, promoting and advocating for sustainable investment in the arts- and culture sector, and, crucially, supporting the sustainable recovery of the arts- and culture sector following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Commenting on the partnership, Jennifer Huygen, Head of Policy and Strategic Partnerships and strategic lead for Wales, said:

“Creu Cymru have been one of our most important partners since the start of this pandemic so it only feels natural to strengthen our collaborative working through this new MOU. Next to joint lobbying and raising awareness of the impact of the pandemic on the arts sector in Wales, we have also been supporting one another behind the scenes during networking meetings and events. Through this, we have identified multiple areas of work where closer collaboration would benefit the advancement of the arts and cultural sector, which is truly exciting.”

Louise Miles-Payne, Director of Creu Cymru, added:

“We have been working closely with Community Leisure UK over the past 18 months and have many shared aims and objectives. It makes sense to formalise the working relationship to make the best use of resources and in order to enhance the support we are able to give members.”