Positive Change

Published on: December 7th 2022

YOUNG people across Northampton are being encouraged to take part in FREE sports activities that will help create a positive change in their lives.

The programme has been running since 2005 and is managed by Trilogy Leisure in partnership with West Northamptonshire Council.

“Northampton Streets Sports programme aims to create a positive change in the lives of young people across the town through the power of sport.” said John Fletcher, the Managing Director of Trilogy Leisure. “Sessions are free and provide young people aged between 8-18 years of age an opportunity to participate in sport in a safe and welcoming environment, right on their doorsteps.”

Trilogy Leisure operates Cripps Recreation Centre, Danes Camp, Duston Sports Centre, Lings Forum, The Mounts Baths and the Forum Cinema as well as Berzerk Soft Play Centre.

The programme utilises Multi-Use-Games-Areas (MUGAs) in the local community and is led by qualified Activator Coaches and volunteers. Sports range from football and basketball to dodgeball and more, with participation and fun at its heart.

Between April 2021 and March 2022 there were 3,241 attended sessions with 345 children attending regular sessions and 389 volunteer hours.

“The project helps to provide young people with positive opportunities to participate in structured activities.” John Fletcher from Trilogy Leisure continued. “It is founded on the belief that sport can broaden horizons, teach valuable life skills, and bring people together.”

The programme was relaunched in April 2021, post pandemic, and over that year saw 3241 visits with over 340 young people attending the sessions regularly.

With more than 50% of young adults in England not achieving the recommended daily amount of exercise, this is a step in the right direction.

Information on the programme and sessions can be found on the Trilogy Leisure website or alternatively you can contact Rachel Collings, Physical Activity development Officer at [email protected]