Trusts Tackling Climate Change

Published on: September 28th 2021

Following the publication of our Climate Change Action Plan last month, Community
Leisure UK has published a new briefing that demonstrates the significant contribution
that leisure and culture trusts make to tackling the climate change emergency.

Published in the weeks leading up to COP26 in Glasgow, Community Leisure UK is keen
to highlight the work that leisure and culture trusts are already doing to reduce their
carbon footprint and to raise awareness of the climate change emergency within their
communities and with staff.

We are advocating for national public bodies, local government, and National
Government to work with leisure and culture trusts to achieve economies of scale in the
response to the climate change emergency.

While leisure and culture trusts are doing great work already, they cannot do this by
themselves, and further investment will be needed to support their work. Specifically,
we are requesting national and regional decarbonisation schemes to be accessible by
leisure and culture trusts through their most important partner, local government.

This briefing sits alongside other work that is already happening in the public leisure and
culture sector, supporting recommendations from the Local Government Physical
Activity Partnership in England, and reflecting conversations that Community Leisure UK
and its members have had with partners across England, Scotland and Wales in the past

Read our full briefing here.

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