Connect and Collaborate With Your Charitable Trust in Wales

We’ve been working in partnership with the Welsh NHS Confederation to raise awareness about how the Charitable Trust model can support health and NHS professionals in Wales. Our members already support the delivery of NHS priorities, including; improving outcomes in population health, tackling inequalities and supporting broader social and economic development through prehabilitation, rehabilitation and preventative services but we’d like to work even more closely with health professionals.

On this page you”ll be able to find out more about the work our members do and how they can help by watching our video or dowloading our full report. You can also find the latest Social Value figures for members in Wales, supplied by DataHub, 4Global.

We’ve also include scores of case studies that represent an incredible testimony to the work our members already do as well as a link to the areas where our members work, so that you can connect, visit and collaborate with them.

A Welsh language version is also available here.
Welsh Health Report

Working in Partnership with