Boost for Northampton’s Talented Athletes

Published on: May 30th 2023

Talented athletes in Northamptonshire are being given a boost by their local leisure trust.

Trilogy Active’s Talented Athlete Scheme supports local talented sportsmen and women to reach their full potential by offsetting costs associated with training and competing at the highest level. And it’s proving a big hit with budding champions from snowboarders to trampolinists. 

John Fletcher, the Managing Director of Trilogy Active, said: “We are committed to supporting and developing local talented athletes to reach their full potential.

“The Trilogy Talented Athlete Scheme aims to provide Northampton-based athletes competing at a county or regional standard and above with a free annual Supergold membership or Junior Active membership.”

“This means that we can empower local athletes to offset some of the costs associated with training and competing at the highest level in sport.”

He continued. “We are also proud to be working with our partners at the University of Northampton to support its students on its Elite Athlete Scholarships through the Trilogy Active Talented Athlete Scheme.”

The benefits of the scheme ensure Northampton’s budding future regional, national and international champions have the support in place to focus on their particular sport without the worry of added extra costs.

Successful applicants receive Membership worth over £300. This enables them to have unlimited use of all five Trilogy Active gyms, four swimming pools, over 100 fitness classes and three health suites.

“Trilogy’s offering is unique to Northampton.” John Fletcher said: “Importantly, it means those on the scheme have access to a wide choice of services, facilities and centres around the town, which ensures they can train when they need to and where they need to.”

Successful junior applicants receive an annual Trilogy Junior Active Membership, which includes access to four Trilogy Active gyms for those aged 11+, free swimming, free cinema, free off-peak racket sports, free school holiday activities, free after-school clubs and free roller skating.

Members of the Talented Athlete Scheme include BMX Racing’s Luca Osbourne, Swimmer Karen Rockell, Footballer’s Favour Omenazu and Chloe Martin, Trampoline Gymnast Kimberley Green, Snowboarder Sophie Smith and Olympic Weightlifter Siobahn Hyland.

“Our current membership of the scheme really does show the length and breadth of exciting talent Northampton has.” John Fletcher continued. “There is no reason why these hard-working and highly talented athletes can’t go on to be world leaders in their field, and we are passionate about supporting them to do that.”

Sophie Smith competes in snowboarding at national and international levels. She has taken multiple podium positions over the last five years, winning Gold in her age category at the English Slopestyle.

“Being supported by the Trilogy Talented Athlete Scheme has enabled me to continue with my overall strength and fitness training when off the snow,” Sophie said. “This makes a huge difference to my development and progression as a snowboarder.”

Trampoline Gymnast Kimberley Green is a student at the University of Northampton. She is part of their Elite Athlete Scholarship programme, which is supported by the Trilogy Talented Athlete Scheme.

“The scheme has benefited me in so many ways,” Kimberley said. “After suffering a serious injury to my knee, I have been able to use Trilogy as part of my rehabilitation. This in turn, means I have continued to gain strength and greatly improve my performance and confidence.”

“We would encourage any aspiring Northampton-based athlete to contact Trilogy and apply to be part of this important, influential and powerful scheme.” John Fletcher continued.

“There is no doubt from those who are already part of it, that it plays an influential and important role in their training and their success. The more we can do to support future champions from our home town the better it will be for all of the community.”

For more information on the Trilogy Talented Athlete Scheme, including the scheme benefits, eligibility criteria and the application process, please visit Trilogy Talented Athlete Scheme (