Community Leisure UK and Charity Finance Group announce enhanced partnership for 2019/20

Published on: April 29th 2019
  • New collaboration will give Community Leisure UK’s members in England and Wales full access to finance training, knowledge and resources.
  • Agreement demonstrates the value of effective financial leadership in community leisure provision.

Following the announcement of their partnership last year, Charity Finance Group (CFG) and Community Leisure UK (formerly known as Sporta) have now forged closer links, in a deal which gives 85 community leisure trusts access to the full suite of CFG’s member benefits.

CFG has nearly 1,400 charities in direct membership, and works with other umbrella organisations in the non-profit sector to build financial skills and confidence. By embedding CFG membership to all their trusts’ memberships, Community Leisure UK is helping to safeguard the non-profit-distributing trust model of community leisure and culture,
ensuring that social impact and communities are prioritised over profit.

Together, members of Community Leisure UK manage an annual turnover of £1.5bn, and have 67,000 employees. The enhanced membership will mean that members are updated with the latest charity finance policy and insight, have full access to online resources and news, access to free helplines, discounted job advertising, special interest groups and members’ meetings. The two organisations will work together to co-create resources such as webinars and events which are tailored to the specific needs of community leisure trusts.

Cate Atwater, chief executive of Community Leisure UK said: “Building the resilience of our members is a critical part of our work. We fundamentally believe in the leisure and culture trust model, where every pound is reinvested into community services and facilities.

“We believe by partnering formally with sector experts – CFG – our members can be as effective, knowledgeable and skilled as possible in their financial leadership and decision-making. Ultimately, this can only help to build their resilience in the public leisure and culture service world”.

Announcing the partnership, Caron Bradshaw, chief executive of Charity Finance Group said: “We warmly welcome Community Leisure UK members into the fold. Community leisure trusts have such a vital role in the health and wellbeing of communities and ensuring that participation is extended to everyone regardless of who they are or what challenges they

“Put bluntly, this about people before profit, and we believe that in equipping trusts with the skills and knowledge they need now, we’ll be laying as solid foundation for wellness and community cohesion for years to come.”