Coronavirus – Updates for Members

Published on: March 9th 2020

Last updated: 15:00, 25 March 2020

Community Leisure UK continues to monitor the situation regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and will communicate significant updates to members as soon as possible. For an overview of our public responses in collaboration with other sector bodies, please see our work here.

The information in this article has been trimmed down to reflect the latest national updates and is updated on a weekly basis. Urgent, significant changes are communicated to members as and when they arise.

Community Leisure UK’s role

We are fighting to support you. Please be assured that support on the pandemic is our highest priority at the moment.

We have established a members’ forum and are holding weekly webinar sessions for colleagues within HR and Finance, and to discuss the management and impact of venue closures. We also have seperate calls for colleagues in Scotland, Wales, and single site operators. These channels are used by trust colleagues to share experience, ask questions and receive peer support. Through these channels we also share updates and insights from partners. If you are not already receiving these updates, please contact us.

We are further working with a wide range of partners across sport/leisure, culture and with the charity angle to raise the voice of charitable trusts. We are in regular contact with partners ukactive Sport England, Sport Scotland, Welsh Sport Association, COSLA, (W)LGA, CLOA, Arts Council England, Creu Cymru, Arts Council of Wales, Creative Scotland, Culture Counts, Charity Finance Group, NCVO, SCVO and others to manage and respond to this challenging, hourly changing national crisis.

National Updates

We advise that members initially refer to the latest guidance and advice released by HM Government. In addition to the support offered by HM Government for employers, employees and businesses, below is an overview of resources we believe would be particularly helpful for member trusts.

General Resources:


The devolved Scottish Government has made specific support available for businesses in Scotland, which can be found here.


The devolved Welsh Government has made specific support available for businesses in Wales, which can be found here.