Active Kindness

Published on: May 30th 2022

We all know that we can change the world through one random act of kindness at a time.

That’s why we’ve developed Active Kindness – an exciting programme to build the Community Leisure and Culture Trusts’ capacity on volunteer management. 

Funded by Sport England, the programme offers funding, training and support, including;

  • Bespoke workshops delivered by our partner, the National Council for Volunteering (NCVO), to support new thinking around volunteer policies, role descriptions, marketing and promotion.
  • A unique online volunteer toolkit for Charitable Trusts.   
  • Funding to support the recruitment and training of a new cohort of volunteers, particularly from low socio-economic groups and women.

We are currently working in four pilot areas with member organisations, including Your Trust, Active Luton, Hyndburn Leisure and The Pelican Centre.

But in a few months we’ll be opening this programme up to another 10 Leisure and Culture Trusts.

Lisa Krockel, Active Kindness Programme Manager, said: “This progamme is being delivered in partnership with the National Council for Volunteering and enables locally led, high quality delivery through community leisure and culture trusts.

“Our members are at the heart of the community, which means by volunteering you are giving something back to the community in which you live.

“There are many reasons why people volunteer but If you’re feeling lonely, isolated, or simply want to widen your social circle, volunteering in your local community is an important – and often fun – way to meet new people.”

Ian Hodgson, Community Activator at Hyndburn Leisure, said: “Every so often you are gifted with an opportunity to look at a familiar situation with new eyes. Volunteering is the bedrock of community activism and is perhaps now due a reinvigorated approach to broaden its appeal and to help it become even more effective. Along comes Active Kindness with exactly the right set of aims and support at exactly the right time to help us do this.”

If you are one of our members and would like to be part of the next phase of this programme please email [email protected]

What our Volunteers say…

“I love sport and working with young people, I wanted to try and use this to help me get qualifications, get to college and expand on my experience, in order to give me more choices in the future to work in the sports area that I love.”

AJ Smith, 16, volunteers at Your Trust, Rochdale.

“I like to keep active, going out and meeting people. It gives you a real buzz and keeps you healthy by being out in the fresh air. It gives you a lift when people are saying ‘you’re doing a great job’.”

Ben McElhinney, retired and volunteers at Active Luton on the golf course.

“I really enjoy working with people and youngsters, and building my confidence up to lead sessions and focusing on my specialist sport swimming. Thanks to volunteering I am now a qualified community sports coach and a trained lifeguard.”

Kyle Durand, 16, volunteers at Your Trust, Rochdale.

“It allows me to share my passion for the rich industrial heritage of Hyndburn with people.”

Gary Britland, 48, volunteers as a Walk Leader at Hyndburn Leisure, Lancashire.