Half Fish HQ & Active Kindness 

Published on: February 19th 2024

Over the next few weeks, we’re reflecting on the success of our members who took part in last year’s Active Kindness programme. This bespoke volunteering programme for public leisure and culture has been designed to support our members to re-invigorate their volunteer approach.  

Swimming-focused Half Fish HQ in Blackburn was one of our members who took part in 2023; the Active Kindness programme gave them the headspace to reflect and consolidate their volunteering model and consider new approaches to delivery. They primarily benefited from shifting their approach to consider volunteers of all ages – previously; the focus was on youth volunteering.  

Being part of our Active Kindness programme is as much about sharing ideas, good practices, and new directions with peers as it is about increasing the number and diversity of volunteers.  

Shelley Whitehead, Director of Aquatics at Half Fish HQ, was invaluable at meetings where she contributed tried and tested examples and ideas around engaging young people through volunteering.  

And anyone who works in public leisure and culture will know how important and hard it is to recruit swim teachers and swim volunteers.  

In Shelley’s words, Active Kindness has “given us qualified staff we would have had to hunt for… it’s also given us a support network of parents” whilst those taking part have gained qualifications and important life skills such as enhanced communication and social skills. In their words, it’s made a “massive difference.”  

Find out more by watching the full video above. If you’re a member and would like to join our new Volunteering Special Interest Group or the 2024 Active Kindness programme, find out more on our Active Kindness webpage.