Reducing the Pressure on Volunteers  

Published on: February 26th 2024

As part of our reflections on last year’s Active Kindness programme, we’re championing the work of Lottie Edwards from LED Community Leisure this week.   

Active Kindness is our bespoke public leisure and culture volunteering programme designed to support our members in re-invigorating their volunteer approach.    

LED Community Leisure & Active Kindness Video

Due to her involvement in volunteering on the ground at LED Community Leisure, Lottie Edwards was acutely aware of the pressure her volunteer walk leaders were under.   

Since the pandemic, volunteer numbers had dropped off and left the remaining walk leaders with more to do and less flexibility. Lottie was keen to use the Active Kindness programme as a way to address this and prioritized the recruitment of new walk leaders at the start of 2023 to ease the pressure on her volunteers and improve their overall experience.  

In her position as Community Engagement Manager, Lottie was able to directly influence the improvements made to the LED Community Leisure volunteering model and engage with her community to ensure the impact of her work would be sustainable. Lottie’s positivity and enthusiasm for the project played a crucial role in keeping all 10 Active Kindness participants motivated throughout 2023, which was recognised in her winning the ‘Above and Beyond’ Award in the Active Kindness 2023 Awards.  

If you’re a member and would like to join our new Volunteering Special Interest Group or the 2024 Active Kindness programme, find out more on our Active Kindness webpage.